From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS

All you need to know to get a Spring Boot application into production with AWS.


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Learn how to work with AWS CloudFormation to deploy resources to the cloud from scratch. No previous knowledge required.

Learn how to use AWS CDK with Java to create the infrastructure you need to deploy an application into production.

Learn how to use CDK to create multiple identical environments for your application (test, staging, production).

Learn how to build a continuous deployment pipeline to get code changes into production without friction.

Integrate a Spring Boot application with AWS Cognito user pools to implement user registration and login with full control of the data.

Learn how to provision a relational database with RDS and connect it to your Spring Boot application.

Learn how to configure and use Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Email Service (SES) to implement a notification mechanism with Spring Boot.

Learn how to monitor your Spring Boot application and how to implement alerting with AWS CloudWatch.


Björn Wilmsmann

Björn Wilmsmann is an independent IT consultant who helps companies transform their business into a digital business.

A longtime software entrepreneur, he’s interested in web apps and SaaS products. He designs and develops business solutions and enterprise applications for his clients.

Apart from helping companies in matters of software quality and improving the availability of and access to information through APIs, Björn provides hands-on training in technologies such as Angular and Spring Boot.

On his blog he writes about technology, software development, and the software business.

Find out more about Björn on


Philip Riecks

Under the slogan, Testing Java Applications Made Simple, Philip provides recipes and tips & tricks to accelerate your testing success and make testing joyful (or at least less painful).

Apart from blogging, he's a course instructor for various Java-related online courses and active on YouTube.

He is an independent IT-Consultant from Berlin and is working with Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, and AWS on a daily basis.

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Tom Hombergs

Tom is a senior software engineer at Atlassian in Sydney, working with AWS and Spring Boot at scale.

He is running the successful software development blog, regularly writing about Java, Spring, and AWS with the goal of explaining not only the How, but the Why of things.

Tom is author of Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture, exploring how to implement a hexagonal architecture with Spring Boot.

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