Stratospheric online course

From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS

A hands-on online course to learn all you need to know to get a Spring Boot application into production with AWS.

Key facts

What's covered?

Develop a production-ready Spring Boot application and deploy it to AWS while integrating several AWS services.

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Infrastructure as code

Learn how to use the AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) to define the entire infrastructure with Java code.

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Integrate AWS services

Get familiar with powerful AWS services by implementing features for the sample application.

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Automate the CI/CD pipeline to get changes deployed to production in a matter of minutes using GitHub Actions.

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Effectively monitor and operate a Spring Boot application in production.

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Why yet another online course?

Online Course

Based on the excellent feedback we got for the ebook, we've decided to create a complementary online course.

This online course will use the content of the ebook as a baseline to teach you everything you need to get your Spring Boot application to production on AWS.

While some prefer text/plain resources to learn a new technology, there's a lot of additional value you get when working through an online course.

You can actually see how it works and get a step-by-step introduction for AWS out of the lenses of a Java Spring Boot developer.


What readers are saying

Feedback from readers of the ebook.

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If you are Spring Boot developer and looking to explore how to deploy your applications onto AWS, then you need to check out this book.

The authors have put together a well thought out and easy to follow book that walks you through the typical use cases you will need.

Perfect for beginners and an invaluable reference guide for those more experienced, they continue to add new content to this book and I cannot say enough great things about it.

Ricardo Sueiras
Ricardo Sueiras

Principal Advocate in Open Source - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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This is an excellent book for every Spring Boot developer who wants to level up their knowledge and move their applications to the AWS cloud. I'm still halfway through the book, and it feels like someone is taking me by my hand into the AWS forest of services.

The writers went just deep enough (and not too much) into each service they tackled and included practical exercises to follow along the way. That's giving confidence and instilling the learning naturally.

AbdulRahman elRawas
AbdulRahman elRawas

Software Developer

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One of the most-frequent questions I get from developers is how they can get started with AWS without having to first learn and understand all the details of the hundreds of available services.

In their book, Tom, Philip, and Björn do an excellent job, initially focusing on just a few basic services to quickly get you started.

Once your application is up and running, you gradually add additional capabilities, like continuous integration, monitoring, alerting, and automated incident response.

If you are a Java developer wanting to learn how to build and run your applications in the cloud, Stratospheric is exactly what you need.

Dennis Traub
Dennis Traub

Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Great book covering many best practices of modern cloud based infrastructure setup, application development and operations using Spring Boot and AWS.

Regardless of whether you're a novice or seasoned developer, I highly recommend this book.

Espen Westgaard
Espen Westgaard

CTO and CISO at Datek AS, Norway

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Björn, Philip, and Tom do a great job on teaching how to build a Java application on AWS.

I highly recommend the book to Java developers. The book uses modern AWS services, that are ready for production workloads, and avoids the bleeding edge. The examples show how to bundle your app into a container image and deploy it with ECS and Fargate, which is my preferred architecture.

I highly appreciate, that the book even covers monitoring and creating a deployment pipeline.

Andreas Wittig
Andreas Wittig

AWS Consultant and Co-Author of Amazon Web Service in Action

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I thought that learning how to deploy Spring Boot application to the cloud, would require unbearable long time.

But then came this book, and my worries vanished. On less than 500 pages, I found all I was looking for.

From deployment preparation, through application connecting with required AWS services to deployment realization and application monitoring.

And what is the best, all accompanied by useful code examples and access to related GitHub repository.

Branislav Beňo
Branislav Beňo

Software Developer at Siemens

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Not just the theory... Delivers on the implementation.

Great book that easily blends the integration of the Spring Boot framework with Amazon’s AWS services, progressing from overview to deliverables.

Excellent logical organization of the fundamental AWS services that a developer can easily learn and retain in a step by step manner.

Gregory Zak
Gregory Zak

Senior Java Developer

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The book is great!

I could just leave the comment like this and it should be enough but let me explain a little deeply why this opinion.

I think there is no other such complete material on the Earth, that takes you out of the just Spring Boot Developer to Spring Boot Developer with AWS working knowledge.

I haven't finish the book yet as there are a lot of material but I am sure that after finishing the book I will be a very confident developer with cloud technologies in my portfolio

Mirek Krenc
Mirek Krenc

Software Developer

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Excellent book that covers from theoretical aspects to hands-on examples on how to create a production-grade Spring Boot application deployed using AWS.

I consider it a part of my toolkit already :)

Asiel Leal Celdeiro
Asiel Leal Celdeiro

Software Developer

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If you want to know how to deploy your Spring Boot Application to the cloud and seek clarity on the available services (AWS), Stratospheric is an excellent resource for you. I found the explanations lucid and succinct with excellent worked examples.

I would highly recommend this book - it's great value and I look forward to the online course also.

Grr Igd
Grr Igd

Software Developer

Quote Left

This is the book that every Java/AWS developer must read.

Almost a masterpiece.

Eliud Rojas
Eliud Rojas


Background Section

The online course

What's special about this course?

Online Collaboration

Join an active community of fellow cloud enthusiasts

Reading and working through an ebook in isolation can be boring, especially, if there's so much new to learn and apply.

With the Stratospheric online course, you join a vibrant community of fellow AWS and Spring Boot enthusiasts.

Benefit from interactive learning elements, quizzes, tests and the Slack community to strengthen your Spring Boot & AWS skills.

Assess your skills and get certified

Test and assess your knowledge after each major section with a quiz and in-between tests.

You'll receive a certificate after passing all quizzes and tests that you can use to enrich your CV and LinkedIn profile.

While the official AWS certifications focus only on the cloud provider and its services, the Stratospheric online course additionally covers those specific aspects you need to know as an application developer.

Online Test
Online Test

Remote & on-demand learning experience

Work through the lessons at your own pace wherever you are and whenever you like.

We're using Leanpub's online course platform that works in any browser. No software or download required.

Come back anytime to apply a recipe or pattern to your project.

Make use of the learning community on Slack to connect with other course students and the course instructors.

Background Section

Course instructor

Björn Wilmsmann

Björn Wilmsmann is an independent IT consultant who helps companies transform their business into a digital business.

A longtime software entrepreneur, he’s interested in web apps and SaaS products. He designs and develops business solutions and enterprise applications for his clients.

Apart from helping companies in matters of software quality and improving the availability of and access to information through APIs, Björn provides hands-on training in technologies such as Angular and Spring Boot.

On his blog he writes about technology, software development, and the software business.

Find out more about Björn on

Picture of Björn Wilmsmann
Background Section

Course instructor

Philip Riecks

Under the slogan, Testing Java Applications Made Simple, Philip provides recipes and tips & tricks to accelerate your testing success and make testing joyful (or at least less painful).

Apart from blogging, he's a course instructor for various Java-related online courses and active on YouTube.

He's an independent IT-Consultant from Berlin and working with Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, and AWS on a daily basis.

Find out more about Philip on

Picture of Philip Riecks
Background Section

Course instructor

Tom Hombergs

Tom is a senior software engineer at Atlassian in Sydney, working with AWS and Spring Boot at scale.

He is running the successful software development blog, regularly writing about Java, Spring, and AWS with the goal of explaining not only the How, but the Why of things.

Tom is author of Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture, exploring how to implement a hexagonal architecture with Spring Boot.

Find out more about Tom on

Picture of Tom Hombergs
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Early-bird program

Join early and save $$$


In a fashion similar to when we wrote the ebook, we'll incrementally add new lessons to the course. That's why we offer an early access / early-bird program for the course as well!

That means: The earlier you join, the less you pay. No matter when you join, you will get access to all lessons as soon as they're ready.

The current early-bird price is $249 (instead of the full $249 ). The course currently contains 34 videos.

The price will go up as soon as we publish the next batch of lessons. With each batch we roughly release ten new videos.

We plan with the following batches:

  • Batch #0 $99
  • Batch #1 $119
  • Batch #2 $139
  • Batch #3 $159
  • Batch #4 $179
  • Final price $249

Last updated: 15 November 2023 .

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Where to get the online course?

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions about the online course answered. Find the ebook FAQ here.

Both resources cover the topic of deploying a Spring Boot application to production on AWS.

The ebook builds the baseline for the online course. However, we use the online course to go in greater detail for various topics.

The online course is complementary to the ebook and offers a more interactive and dynamic learning experience.


Reach out to use via email and attach a proof (e.g. a certificate of enrollment for the current year) and we'll send you a personalized coupon code.

As we're selling our online course via Leanpub, we inherit Leanpub's 60-days money-back guarantee.

You can issue the refund right in your Leanpub account. No questions asked.

When it's done.

We're not big fans of estimations which set up everyone for disappointment.

That said, we expect to release new lessons every 1-2 months and plan to finish the course within 2022.

Yes, for sure.

After you've successfully completed the online course and finished all quizzes and tests, we'll send you a certificate with your final score.

Yes, the ebook builds the baseline for this online course.

You can but don't have to read the ebook in parallel.

As the online course is currently in creation, it's hard to tell ahead how long it takes to complete the course.

With a total length of 450+ pages for the ebook, we expect a total course length of roughly 6-8 hours.

The online course is hosted on Leanpub's learning platform. You only need a Leanpub account (free), a browser and an active internet connection to get started.

You should have some basic Java and Spring Boot skills to get the most of the course without much crossreading.

Yes, absolutely.

But as long as the early-bird program is active, all course participants can enroll for the same price. If you decide to enroll after the course is completed, reach out to us via email, and we'll send you a custom coupon code.

After signing up for the course, you'll receive a personalized link to join the Stratospheric Slack community.

The Slack workspace is the perfect place to ask questions, exchange ideas and get help.

Yes, all videos are backed by English subtitles.

Creating an online course takes a lot of effort and time. To reduce the waiting time, we incrementally release new lessons and offer a discount for those that decide to join early.

We followed a similar approach for the ebook and it was a huge success.

The earlier you join, the less you pay. Similar to early access programs for books.

You can find more detailed information here.

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